Cavan House, South Down

I flippin' love my job! Hanging out in truly amazing places and working with super creative people! Cavan House is a stunning self-catered holiday home perched on the northern side of the Mourne Mountains, between Rathfriland and Castlewellan, and is a little pocket of luxury. Owner, Jill Macauley, has created something really special in this restored Georgian farmhouse. Immaculately styled and overflowing with warmth and welcome. Treat your eyes and scroll on down! x


Interested in holidaying in the Mournes? Visit or call Jill on +44 (0)7720429302.

Concord Townhouse, Bushmills

Wow! Possibly the most beautifully presented self-catered house I've come across. I was so excited to be unleashed with my camera in it. So much thought in the details and furnishings. Perfect spot for exploring the North Coast with your gang!

Sarah Lennon Art

Sarah Lennon fell in love with a South Down man and moved herself far from home to make a life with him. A story similar to my own, but it was only when we were both expecting our first babies that our stories converged and we happened to sit down beside each other at the pre-natal class. Six years later, Sarah has become not only one of my very best friends, but also one of my greatest inspirers. She has a contagious energy and when you're around her, extraordinary things ALWAYS happen! So when she asked me to photograph her and her art work for a magazine feature, well I could not have been more delighted.

To see more of Sarah's artwork visit, swing by her page on Facebook 'Sarah Lennon Art' or watch out for her instagram feed @sarahlennonart.

175 Years of White's Oats

A true Northern Irish icon, White's Oats, celebrated 175 years of oat milling with a special breakfast event in the Opera House's Baby Grand studio earlier this week. With everyone from growers and millers, to retailers and food bloggers, and all those in between, coming together to share a bowl of delicious creamy porridge, the atmosphere was tingling with the possibility held in the next 175 years. Local actor and comedian Dan Gordon (of Give Ma Head Peace fame) delighted guests with The Complete Works of Thomas Henry White which was approximately 5% accurate and definitely 100% stomach-achingly hilarious. Jenny Bristow then demonstrated the versatility of White's Oats, finishing up with a Show Stopper to end all Bake-Offs, a fruit and yoghurt laden oat sponge cake. Oh my! Thank you White's Oats for inviting me along to document this wonderful celebration. Take a browse through the happenings, click on any image to enlarge and make sure you scroll right to the bottom to see that magnificent oat sponge cake!